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5 Reasons to Buy Vegan Footwear

Ethical and sustainable fashion is the need of the day. Here we bring you five reasons, why you should buy vegan shoes over pure leather footwear -

1. No to Animal Cruelty - 

Buying vegan fashion accessories ensures no to animal cruelty. Why harm animals for the sake of fashion? After all, the question always remains whether to kill for fashion or fashion for the kill?

2. Price Competitiveness - 

Vegan Footwear is more pocket-friendly. A viable option for an expensive pure leather jutti is surely an embroidered ballerina which costs almost half in price. 

3. Environmental Friendly -

Vegan materials like canvas, cotton, denim, and jute are eco-friendly and cause less pollution in comparison to leather. The footwear made from vegan materials is a definite yes from an environmental point of view. 

4. Versatility - 

Vegan fashion accessories are more versatile than those made by leather. Different types of embroidery can be done on the wide range of fabrics to create vegan footwear.  If you like the feel of leather, we recommend you to try vegan leather shoes or artificial fur as a substitute. The non-leather pu shoes and artificial fur look quite similar to leather footwear and therefore ideal to satisfy your fashion cravings.

5. Weather Friendly

Vegan footwear is generally weather friendly and easy to maintain. The leather shoes may smell in rain or be uncomfortable in Indian summers. The vegan shoes are definitely more weather friendly.  Also, a good quality vegan leather shoe would ensure the same comfort as a pure leather shoe without any ethical burden on your shoulders.

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