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Social Welfare and Development - Hepburnette

Geeta is seven years old, her mother works as a housemaid in the nearby locality. Her father is a daily wage earner. Her parents try their best, to give Geeta the world of happiness, she deserves. But with their limited financial resources, they are unable to give Geeta surprises. One day, we decided to surprise Geeta with an ice-cream, oh she was so elated, her eyes just sparkled. This small gesture created a happy memory for her. Kids like Geeta deserve to be surprised once in a while with an ice-cream cone, chocolates, biscuits and toys.

In our endeavor to spread smiles and create memories, we have launched a social initiative. When you buy a product from Hepburnette, we share an ice-cream with a less privileged child. It has been an amazing experience to see these happy kids. We have all been extremely lucky to be blessed with great customers, who have been supportive of this cause. There have been so many people who have played a role in this initiative and we thank them all from the bottom of our hearts.

Every kid deserves his/her happy memory. Let’s have #icecreamforeveryone

Here's to wishing you a shopping experience you will never forget, time & time again.